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Manual Polishing

Polishing is a finishing process of parts in all types of material (metal, plastic, wood) with the objective of obtaining a beautiful aspect with a high quality surface finish.

This surface quality is characterised by roughness, shine and sparkle.

The Principal : polishing is an action to make smooth and shiny by abrasion. The part is introduced manually on the grinding wheels or the mops which are coated or not with polishing paste. At this point the machines run at a high speed.

Gorce SAS is equipped with 22 manual polishing machines.

Mechanical polishing

The principal is the same as manual polishing, but is carried out thanks to a machine.

Gorce SAS has various specific machines for a wide variety of applications, such as :

  • 6 profile polishing machines for oval, rectangular, square, flat, and shaped tubes in brushed or shiny finish and for lengths that go up to 8 meters
  • 1 machine for polishing large screws
  • 1 machine for hip protheses (rasp cups)